Update on Re-Design of Alumi-Lign Table Saw Fence

I wanted to provide an update on where we stand on re-designing of the fence system. There is a video at the end of this post that shows you the current progress.

I learned a lot within the last year and worked to continuously update my fence system. I was mostly pleased with the last design I had using the UHMW slider pads, however, I knew something even better was out there.

The biggest improvement I wanted was to have the fence ALWAYS be parallel to the miter slot, not just when it is clamped down. Most fence designs out there go out of square during movement and only become fully square to the front when the fence is locked/clamped down.

As you can see from the video, I’m using gantry plates with stainless steel bearings that slide in a V slot extrusion. These bearings have many advantages, mainly being that they can very easily be adjusted using the eccentric nuts they use. If you are familiar with 3D printing or CNC, then you may be very familiar with them.

V slot extrusions are still somewhat new and expensive compared to T slot. So that will explain why I am only using the rails as V slots and everything else is still T slot.

The other thing I am doing is using anchor fasteners in the connection of the fence extrusion. Double anchor fasteners provide the strongest type of connection so we can eliminate source of any flexing that may occur by using joining plates.

The last thing I changed is how the rails are mounted. Lowering the rail allows me to make this system very adaptable so it can be installed on many different types of saws WITHOUT the need for drilling holes.

The remaining items are:

  • Deciding on a clamping method (nothing crazy will be required since fence movement is already great with this design).
  • Deciding if there should be a lock on the rear rail. I’m leaving towards having one since many people seem to prefer it.
  • Adding tape measure with cursor.

Once these items are cleared up then we will start stocking parts offering kits for sale.

In the mean time please feel free to provide us any feedback or questions!

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