Updated Alumi-Lign Fence System Design and Tenon Jigs in Stock Now!

Updated Design

If you haven’t noticed the updated product photos on the Alumi-Lign fence, we have updated the design. The highlights of these changes are listed below.

Updated Front SliderAn additional UHMW pad has been added to the front slider and the number of braking handles has been reduced from two to one in the center. The additional UHMW slider pad provides more surface area for the front slider to move more smoothly on the rails and adds additional stability. The accuracy and precision of the system remains the same, if not better.
Completely Re-Designed Rear SliderThe rear slider has been re-designed to be longer using a half in piece of extrusion with two UHMW pads mounted under it. Again the two pads make the slider longer, providing more surface area for the fence to slide on the rails in results in improved movement of the fence across the rails.
Addition of Optional Rear Braking LevelOn request from several customers, we have added the option to lock the fence from the rear as well. During normal operation, a workpiece is pushed parallel to the fence with minimal perpendicular force applied to the rear of the fence. However, when ripping wide boards or large piece of plywood and such, there may be a small amount of force at the end of the fence which may push it out, resulting in in-accurate cuts. To counter this, the rear braking handle can be used which will ensure the fence stays rock solid on the rails.

All current orders are shipping with this updated design. For customers who purchased the original fence system, rest assured that we are working on procuring part kits which will allow conversion to the updated design. Look out for updated communication on these kits in the next several weeks.

If you are urgently looking to update your fence to have these changes, please reach out to us and we can also provide a detailed parts list if you wish to procure the parts yourself.

Tenon Jigs Now In Stock

We have started carrying a handful of the tenon jigs in stock. Check out our video again on this brand new jig and let us know your thoughts.

Future Updates

We are also currently working on designing a band saw fence system use roller type bearings to create a carriage and rail type of sliding system. Keep an eye out for a video on this system within the near future.

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