Re-Launch of Alumi-Lign Fence System

Hi there!

I wanted to share with you that I have finished finalizing the design changes to the fence system and am very excited for the coming weeks. I know many folks have been waiting for me to start selling these again so thank you all for your patience.

As mentioned previously, the new design does not rely on clamping of the fence in order to be parallel with the miter slot. It remains parallel at all times, especially during the movement of the fence. This along with many other improvements will make this fence system a great add-on for many table saw owners.

I am currently working on procuring material for the fence kits. I’m also working on 2 upcoming YouTube video’s – one will provide an overview of the new fence system and the second will be a longer, more in-depth review of the fence system.

Additionally, I’m working on writing up documentation & assembly instructions for the new fence system as well.

With that said, here is my expected timeframe for sale of the fence system:

– Start accepting pre-orders: Mid/Late April

– Begin shipping orders: Towards the middle of May

As I start receiving material, I will have a better idea of shipping times as well so will keep you all updated.

Thanks again!

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